Experience Brno like a local!

Are you planning a trip to Brno and want to have a truly authentic experience of the destination? Then you don’t have to be concerned because the main advantage of visiting Brno is that it is not overrun with tourists. There are no long lines, no crowds, and no tourist traps. However, I have made for you this list of activities that you should not miss if you want to experience Brno like a local.

Getting around like locals

Although the city center of Brno is small and all major attractions are within walking distance, there are some interesting places to visit that are more remote and it is best to take public transportation. It is very simple and inexpensive. You use googlemaps and idos.cz to find out the transportation schedule and your desired stop, and all you have to do is get on the bus or tram and pay with your card. That’s all there is to it.

Eat and drink like locals

This is a frequently asked question by my clients. Where should I go for dinner/lunch? In the past ten years, Brno has seen tremendous growth in the gastronomic field. Cusine from all over the world can be found here. As a result, the city holds an annual competition for the best restaurant in Brno. Locals make nominations, and professionals select the winners. The winners are then featured in Brno Gourmet, which lists the city’s best restaurants, bistros, cafes, and bars.

Throughout the year, there are held several food festivals in Brno center where you can sample traditional dishes and beverages.

Shop local products

Shopping as if you were a local. This does not imply going to large shopping malls and purchasing clothing and other items from well-known brands. Many visitors to foreign countries, I believe, want to bring home something more valuable, timeless, and truly local. Slow fashion has arrived in the Czech Republic, and I have compiled a list of shops where you can purchase Czech-designed items in Brno.

Souvenirs- Information centre TO JE BRNO (This is Brno)

Clothing, cosmetics, accessories and gifts- PLACE Store, Manufaktura, Havlik Apoteka

Shoes- Vasky

Local fashion markets have become a popular way to promote slow fashion. It is a place where you can buy items for yourself as well as gifts for family and friends. Such market is the Mint Market which Brno hosts several times a year. You might be lucky and this market will take place in Brno during your stay.

Meet locals at events

Get to know the nation through their relationship with the culture. During my time in Brno, I’ve learned that the people of Brno are very proud of Czech culture and history, particularly Brno culture. You find here 15 theatres more than 17 museums and galleries.

Brno has a huge concentration of universities, theaters, clubs and all kinds of spaces to perform. There are two dozen primary art schools, a conservatory, the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts and the Institute of Musicology of Masaryk University operating in Brno. There is no suprise that Brno has become UNESCO city of music.

Because Brno is already multicultural, the cultural institution is gradually adapting its programming to an English-speaking audience, which is good news for English speakers.

To view current events that are taking place during your stay, please Click here.