Brno with toddlers

Travelling with toddlers can be challenging. It is good to plan in advance and find out what activities you can do in the destination you are coming to. As a mother of two who lives in Brno, I have written down a few tips for you to make your stay in Brno more enjoyable and less stressed.

During past years I have discovered Brno as a great place for children to grow up. There are so many places to go and so many activties to do with your children throughout the year. Many of them are listed on Brno tourist website Go to Brno.

Cafe & Restaurants

Zelní trh market, located in the citys very centre, is our very favorite place to go during weekends. Every Saturday we go there to buy some veggies from local farmers and have a lunch right there. We prefer take away meals, when we sit on the bench and let children play with water attractions, while we are watching the daily life on the square. If you are foodie and looking for a gastronomical experience you can try out BUCHECK food truck, which has been mentioned on many gastronomical blogs.

Another great place to have a good lunch or dinner with children is PLATZ, located in the upper part of Zelni trh square. It is an atrium where you can park your stroller, sit at the table and order meal from several establishments such us Buchta C (cafe&cake), Domovina (vietnam cuisine), La Pinata (Mexico cuisine) and Mikrofarma (butcher shop and bistro). You do not need to stick to one restaurant only and so, everyone can order what they want.

A Book Therapy store with English written publications and books for children is found here too. I often buy there some books for me and for my children.

If you are looking for a place where you can have a coffee and some snack while your toddler is playing in the playroom, then cafe Mezi Stromy and Mama cafe are those which are very popular among parents.

Outdoor activities

There is not better place for toddlers than parks. They are free to walk, explore world on their own and they are still in safe. If in these places are found playgrounds and cafe or restaurant it is win win situation for everyone. Our favorite parks where meet all above mentioned benefits are Lužánky park, Bjorson Gardens and Otevřená zahrada.

Lužánky park is the oldest and biggest park in Brno. During hot summer days we go there to cool down in the shade of trees. Another advantage of this place in summer time is a playground with water attractions where you can leave your toddler play with water. You dont need to bring swimming suits for them. Just shorts and t-shirt and spare clothes. To refresh yourself I recommend to try an ice cream from Tutti Frutti ice cream cart.

Bjornson Gardens is popular for cafe Piknik Box. It is place where you can have a great coffee and home made cake while your toddler is playing in the nearby playground. Piknik Box organize several gastronomical or theatrical events throughout the year. You can rent there a picnic set and enjoy your family time day in Brno.

Open gardens, found in the very city centre at the foot of Špilberk castle hill, is an ecological educational garden designed for public and professionals too. During your visit you can learn about enviromental innovations while your toddler is having great time with feeding animals, playing with water and exploring local flora. In the area of garden is a small bistro offering some refreshments to garden`s visitors.

Indoor activities

The most boring months for activities are January, February and March. Winters are becoming more and more mild and less snowy. We take out the sled rarely, so we must look for another activities. In winter we like going to swimming pools and playground centres.

The most suitable swimming pools for toddlers are at Kravi hora and in Aquapark Kohoutovice.

In the aquapark under the interestingly designed roof, you will find a 25-meter swimming pool with 6 lanes, a recreational pool with water jets and water spouts. Toddlers can use the children’s wading pool. The most popular attraction is the 90 meter long toboggan.

At Kravi hora swimming pool you have three pools. One is 25m long and 1.8 m deep pool for swimmers, and two are suitable for children and relaxation equipped with water attractions.

From all family parks we have visitied with children we have found Bruno family park the best. It is a modern children playground centre full of activities in winter and in summer too. I like this place mainly because it is for every kid at every age and you can visit it with your toddler and with your older child not worrying that someone would get bored.