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Brno city walking, cycling and running tours with your private guide. Join us as we explore the most popular and hidden gems of Brno.

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Day trips to Czech UNESCO World Heritage Sites, fairy-tale castles and charming Moravian towns with private guide and transport.

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Hiking trips in the Moravian Karst or Palava Hills will take you through caves, limestone ridges, and unique fauna and flora.

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Whether you are a first-time cyclist or an expert cyclist, our bicycle excursions allow you to appreciate the ambience of the Moravia region.

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All-day wine tasting tours are a great way to visit local wineries, meet winemakers, and learn about Moravian and Czech wine.

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Excellent tour and a better experience. Our tour guide Zdenek was professional, courteous and most of all extremely knowledgeable. He provided insights that made us appreciate Brno and its interesting history. I especially want to say thank you to Zdenek for being so accommodating with our tour's start time. It allowed us to complete all we wanted to do in Brno. Thank you and God Bless.

John from USA

We had a great day. Everything was as planned in the description. The guide arrived on time to pick us at our hotel. He was fluently speaking english and was easy to understand for non native english speaking people. The guide was very nice and had a lot of informations to tell us about the trip. We went to visit both castles (one only outside and the second one was inside too). Then we finish with a walk in the town of Mikulov. All the sites worth the visit. We spent all day visiting like it was planned. The price for the day was very reasonnable considering it's the usual price we pay normally for a tour but this time it was a private tour.

from Canada

Thank you for organising this trip for me. We enjoyed our trip a lot. My friend who is a wine lover was very impressed with your national winery and is definitely going back there at some point in the future. We liked Josef - he made stops at places which we enjoyed a lot and we had some nice conversations with him. Please give him my best regards.

from Poland

Thank you very much for yesterday's tour. We really enjoyed it and we couldn't have asked for something better. We will definitely recommend you to our friends back in Malta.

Bjorn from Malta

We booked three day trips with Lenka and myself and my wife enjoyed every day, Lenka was very professional and didn't go over the top with information, she was always on time and a nice person to talk to . I would recommend anyone to book trips with her. Her knowledge about the area is very Impressive and you can tell she likes her job and is proud about the area

David and Annette

My husband and I spent two full days with Lenka exploring Moravia. We learnt so much in that time from our friendly, informative well spent.

Robyn from Australia

My husband and I booked a wine tour to the Moravian region in the Czech Republic. Lenka was great and very knowledgeable about the area and wines. We had a great day exploring and tasting some fabulous wines. She picked us up at our hotel and drove us around which was a great way to see more of the country. We had a wonderful day and truly enjoyed our tour.

Adriana from USA

Lenka es una guía estupenda, sabe de todo, muy amena y a los niños se les pasó el día super rápido. Sus visitas están bien planeadas, explicadas y es muy profesional. Y lo mejor de todo es que se adapta a las necesidades del grupo.


We spent an afternoon with Lenka visiting Lednice-Valtice and Mikulov from Brno, and it was definitely the BEST tour we have ever been on. Lenka is very knowledgeable about the sites and the area, organised as well as easy-going, ready to take pics as well as provide moments of solitary wine-sipping in the sun. We felt as though we were old friends chatting away in her car. The area is beautiful and the company was lovely. Highly recommended and absolutely worth every cent! Thanks for a gorgeous day!


Had a superb day with Lenka. We did the wine-tasting and UNESCO sites tour and it was very enjoyable. Great variety of places to visit and Lenka’s knowledge on the sights and wines was very impressive. Would absolutely recommend this tour and Lenka was great as our guide. Would definitely use her services again

Gill from Scotland

I am an expat living in Prague. I was visiting Brno with a friend and we wanted to go on a wine tour of the South Moravian region. We found Lenka's tour described online and it sounded perfect for our needs - some sightseeing plus a visit to some cellars and other places to drink some wine. What we received was exactly that and it was a great day. The tour of Lednice was a great start to the day with a walk around the castle grounds and gardens and later we visited the wine cellars in Valtice. Later we visited Mikulov - the home of the wine country of South Moravia. We had the extra surprise of enjoying some sparkling wine with an amazing countryside view. Really good. Lenka was very flexible with timings and pace and she was able to suggest what to do and when without any hassle or worry. We were dropped off at the end of the day at the train station with good time to catch our train back to Prague. Thank you Lenka for a great introduction to South Moravia!

Martin from Prague

You could not ask for a better tour guide than Lenka! She knows the area so well, speaks impeccable English, and takes the time to understand her clients interests so she can maximize their experience. Brno is a wonderful city with many hidden gems and touring it with Lenka was one of the highlights of my visit!

Carol photographer from USA

This is our 23rd trips to Europe with more than 2 weeks stay over the past ten years alone . we've been to every country in Europe ( except Iceland ). Never expected that a trip could be arranged to visit 35 cities over 3 countries, with 20 UNESCO site. All by starting 9.00 AM each morning and return to hotel not later than 5.00 PM . Lenka managed just that in a mere twelve days. she had to drive for 400 hours over 2000 KM to do so, and we thoroughly enjoy every minutes of the trip. Actually I can count this trip as the best I had ever had. Can not praise Lenka sufficiently with my words. My advice to you all, book her before she retired to administrative work once and for all.

Danny from Hong Kong

Lenka was a great travel guide! I did the half day trip to the nearby Moravian Karst (cave system) and she planned everything for me, picked me up at my hotel, and helped translate the cave tour for me. The cave tours are not in English, so it was very helpful to have someone who could translate information into English. The caves were so beautiful, and the boatride on the underground river was such a unique experience. I was a little nervous about going on a tour by myself with someone I did now know, but Lenka was super nice and a fun person to spend the day with. I would highly recommend her to anyone!  

Elissa from USA

Lenka is a wonderful, knowlegable guide. You immediately sense how much she enjoys meeting people and sharing her love of the sites, people and area with others. I highly recommend her!

Catherine from USA

Lenka had beautifully planned my autumn day trip outside Brno. She knew the right spots and had wonderful stories to go with each part of our trip. The trip itself was well designed and hosted with a mix of culture, wine tasting, and castle hopping. I strongly recommend this trip out of Brno if you have a day

Bhargavi from NY

Lenka was amazing! before we arrived she had done research on our family at the local city offices and the public library and started the tour with info we did not even know ourselves. I had 3 very senior citizens with me wanting to visit their old homes,schools and churches and she could adjust the pace of the day effortlessly . Friendly ,cheerful and thorough. I highly recommend her

Kenneth Ward
from USA

Lenka of Brno Day Trips is your ideal choice for your Driver/Guide for tourist sites in Brno and other cities in the region. Lenka has reasonable costs, good knowledge and arrives on time every time. She has a positive attitude so it is like a friend showing you around who has knowledge. I spent 3 days with Lenka. My interest was World Heritage Sites. It was educational and fun.  All of the logistical issues were handled smoothly so I could focus on my interests with no worries. I recommend Lenka highly.  

Don Parrish, the most traveled man in the world

We had a lovely day trip from Brno to the Valtice-Lednice-Mikulov area with our very knowledgeable and overall excellent guide. With pleasant surprise also included in the package.We presented our wishes for the day-trip goals and she came up with a customizable, very smooth and intriguing plan for the trip with breathtaking locations and relaxed atmosphere.Overall my wife and me are very, very happy with our day trip and ended up dozing off on the way back.

from Finland

I'm a US traveler and was staying in Brno to see the Moravian Fields to get good landscape pictures. I also got recommended Mikoluv! Lenka was amazing to getting me to both! She took me to one of the most scenic hikes I've ever been to, with spectacular views, and great pictures. She didn't know much about the Moravian Fields initially but found the perfect location after I asked - she was very flexible and accommodating!

Mike from Arisona

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About me

Brno Guide

Hi, Thank you for visiting Brno Day Trips. Let me introduce myself briefly and what Brno Day Trips are about. My name is Lenka and I am Slovak living in Brno since 2011. I work in the tourism business since I finished my studies at the university in Slovakia.

For several years I have been arranging vacations for tourists who decide to visit Central Europe. I like my work very much. I am in contact with tourists from around the world and I do not have to move from my home thanks to the Internet. Yes, it is a big advantage to be in contact with the whole world from your living room, however, after some time you realize, that you miss talking with your clients face to face.

During my free time, I have been doing many private excursions out of Brno for my friends and my family who came to visit me. They all were surprised what beautiful places are hidden in Moravia, they have not heard about before, even though they live in relatively short distance from Brno.

I have realized that Moravia has so much to offer and that Brno is an excellent starting point located not far away from all the main tourist attractions. One day while I was thinking about an upcoming family visit an idea emerged.

What if I make a list of my favorite trips and activities I do with my friends and offer it as private day trips in and out of Brno for those who individually visit Brno? The more I was thinking about it the more I liked the idea. So I started to prepare myself to become a guide. I attended a local class to get the certificate and I become to learn Czech history, art, culture, and so on. It took me 2 years while the idea matured to the point where we are now.

So let me again welcome you to Brno Day Trips, my project where you can find Out of Brno excursions. My main goal is to present to you, according to my opinion, the most interesting and beautiful places around Brno but not in immediate proximity only. I have included even remote places which can be still reached within a day.

The offer you can currently see now is not complete. Even though the area I want to cover is not so big there are still places waiting to be discovered and I hope you will be my inspiration too. Do not hesitate to contact me with any suggestions for visiting you have read about in your traveler book and it is not listed in the offer.

I sincerely hope, that this website will inspire you to stay a bit longer in Brno as you originally planned to discover Moravia with me or on your own. For more tips please follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

Enjoy your time in Brno!