Brno city tours and Out of Brno day excursions. Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic and the gate to Moravia, has a great position for day trips. 10 of all 12 UNESCO Czech heritage sites can be reached from Brno within a day trip. Sightseeing tours are combination of car transportation, walking and visiting.



Two Protected landscape areas of Moravian Karst and Pálava and the National Park of Podyjí are found in the vicinity of Brno. Caves, limestone ridges, ponds, riparian forests, unique fauna and flora is what you can expect when on a hiking trip.



There are many popular well maintained Moravian Wine Bicycle Paths  which enable you to experience the atmosphere of traditional wine-growing region with famous UNESCO monuments. More experienced cyclists find more demanding bicycle paths in the National Park of Podýjí or in Moravský kras (Moravian Karst).

Customized trips

There are many other interesting activities to do or places to see around Brno such us rafting, wine tasting , cruising or attending local festivals. If you have any specific interests not covered in my offer, just let me know what would you like to experience and together we organize your customized trip.

About me

Brno Guide

Hi, Thank you for visiting Brno Day Trips. Let me introduce myself briefly and what Brno Day trips is about. My name is Lenka and I am Slovak living in Brno since 2011. I work in tourism business since I finished my studies at the university in Slovakia.

For several years I have been arranging vacations for tourists who decide to visit Central Europe. I like my work very much. I am in contact with tourists from around the world and I do not have to move from my home thanks to the Internet. Yes, it is big advantage to be in contact with the whole world from your living room but after some time you realize that you miss talking with your clients face to face to share their impressions from their vacations you have arranged for them.

But I could not figure out how this can be arranged when my base is in Brno while you, dear traveler, travel across Europe and almost every day you are in different country. And this stage brings me to another point of this introductory blog.

Within last years I have taken many private excursions out of Brno during my leisure time and I have introduced my favourite places to my friends and to my family who come to visit me. They all were surprised what beautiful places are hidden in Moravia they have not heard about before even they live in relatively short distance from Brno.

I have realized that Moravia has so much to offer and that Brno is excellent starting point located not far away from all main tourist attractions. One day while I was thinking about upcoming family visit an idea emerged.

What if I make a list of my favourite trips and activities I do with my friends and offer it as private day trips in and out of Brno for those who individualy visit Brno? The more I was thinking of it the more I liked the idea. I could still do my current job but at the same time make my own trips and meet you in person. So I started to prepare myself to become a guide. I attended local class to get the certificate and I become to learn Czech history, art, culture and so on. It took me 2 years while the idea has matured to this point where we are now.

So let me again welcome you to Brno Day Trips, my own project where you can find Out of Brno excursions. My main goal is to present you, according to my opinion, most interesting and beautiful places around Brno but not in immediate proximity only. I have included even remote places which can be still reached within a day.

The offer you can currently see now is not complete. Even though the area I want to cover is not so big there are still places waiting to be discovered and I hope you will be my inspiration too. Do not hesitate to contact me with any suggestion for visiting you have read about in your traveller book and it is not listed in the offer.

I sincerely hope, that this website will inspire you to stay a bit longer in Brno as you originally planned to discover Moravia with me or on your own. For more tips please follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

Enjoy your time in Brno!

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At the very beginning of Brno Day Trips agency in 2016, I contacted Kevin Rushby from The Guardian, who I had cooperated with before on another article, whether he would be interested in visiting Brno and introduce Brno to his readers. I was very happy that he agreed and in few weeks we met in […]

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The TOP Czech wineries 2017

The Czech Republic, worldwide known through a beer culture, is now becoming a popular destination for the wine lovers. Wine enthusiasts who are seaking for a new undiscovered wine destination have already recognized the quality of the Czech wine which evidence are achievements on the international wine competitions.

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The Battle of Austerlitz

There is one event and one name through which is Brno generally worldwide recognized. The name is Josef Gregor Mendel, the father of genetics, and the event is the Napoleonic battle of Austerlitz also known as the Battle of the Three Emperors. The battle, regarded as the greatest victory of Napoleon Grand Army which changed […]

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3 days trip with the most traveled man in the world

Don Parrish, ranking no 1. among the most traveled people in the world, visited Brno in October 2017. Don has visited literally every country in this world together with the South Pole. His visit of the Czech Republic was not first but it was his first visit of Brno city.

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Pálava Hills

Hike along Pálava Hills ridge

This is my most favourite hiking day trip in the South Moravia I have already made several times and there is always something new to discover. This hike takes you to the highest point of Pálava Hills (Děvín Hill 549 m) and along the trail of the approximate length of 15 km, you are provided […]

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Bicycle wine trip to Mikulov

On July 22 me, my husband and my parents, we decided to join a bike trip through the Mikulov wine sub-region. The trip was organized for public by the Moravian Wine Trails, the project which is responsible for building of 1200km bicycle trail net in the region of the South Moravia.

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