Hike along the ridge of Pálava Hills

Pálava Hills, part of Pálava Protected Landscape Area, is 20 km long limestone ridge stretching to the very south of Moravia from the crook of Dyje river around Mikulov town to the state border with Austria. The area is continuously inhabited for tens of thousands of years according to archaelogical finds like famous Venus of Dolní Věstonice. On the territory of Pálava Hills are several nature reserves that protect valuable local areas. On the trail we will see ruins of 2 castles and we will reach the highest point of hills the Děvín.

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Length: 15 km; Elevation: 620 m

Starting point: Pavlov or Dolní Věstonice

Ending point: Mikulov town

PRICE from 118,-EUR/person

Included: Trip transport (fuel, parking, taxes, taxi); English speaking guide services as your private driver; lunch