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The Czech Republic, worldwide known through a beer culture, is now becoming a popular destination for the wine lovers. Wine enthusiasts who are seaking for a new undiscovered wine destination have already recognized the quality of the Czech wine which evidence are achievements on the international wine competitions.

The year of 2017 is recorded to be the most successful year in the number of medals of more than 700 of which 9 were absolute champions in their category.

More people are now looking for the authentic experiences and taste the local Czech wine during their visit to the country. The best way appears the personal visit of the winery where you can meet and speak to the owner in person. But there are thousands and thousands of wineries spreading across the country and you, dear traveler, are limited with time and can afford to spend few hours in one place. To make it easier for you from all 18000 Czech wine-growers found mainly in Moravia, I have selected top 6 wineries which are the winners of the two national wine competitions- TOP Wine destination and The Winery of the Year competitions.

The TOP wine country destination

The main thought of this competition is to set up lists of places which besides excellent wine you are provided with some added value which makes a winery more appealing to customers. This added value is assessed by the location, architecture, personality of the owner and through the organizing of different wine events. Finalists are nominated by sommeliers, professionals in the wine tourism, journalists, and experts on the wine architecture. Every year they carefully prepare the final list and the winners are chosen on wine lovers choice voting base.

And the winners of 2017 are…

3rd place went to the Wine Plant Breeding Station Velké Pavlovice

moravian vineyards

Moravian vineyards

The history of the winery begun more than 100 years ago when in 1901 it was founded as the Land Vine Nursery with the main task to renew Moravian viticulture which had been damaged by a plague of the plant louse phylloxera. First years of planting new vineyards naturally resulted in vine plant breeding of wine varieties which would be more resistant to vine pests. This is how well known Czech variety wines of Andre and Palava came into life.

Today the company owns 50ha of vineyards planting with 19 variety wines.

Location: Velké Pavlovice (40 min driving from Brno; Velkopavlovická wine sub-region)

Added value: the company manages the stylish hotel, superb restaurant, and cellars where sommelier introduces visitors with the wines. Behind the hotel is found a relaxing garden and a small vineyard planted with 180 variety wines through which leads an educational trail.

2nd place went to the Valtice underground cellars


Colonnade in Valtice town

The Valtice underground is managed by ANNOVINO Lednice winery which boasts to produce wines made from grapes planted and ripened in the vineyards found in Lednice-Valtice UNESCO landscape area.

Location: Valtice (50 min driving from Brno; Mikulovská wine sub-region)

Added value: a unique underground labyrinth of historic wine cellars in a total length of 710m dating back to 13th century. Regular and private wine tasting programs accompanied by dulcimer live folk music, different thematic events throughout the year. Location in the UNESCO town of Valtice, the former main residence of the house of Liechtenstein.

1st place went to the  Wine Saloon of the Czech Republic

valtice cellars

Valtice chateau cellars

My personal winner too. I like this place for two reasons. First, its location in the cellars found in the beautiful Valtice baroque chateau,  second, in one place you can taste best Czech wines, winners of the Czech National Competition.

Location: Valtice (50 min driving from Brno; Mikulovská wine sub-region)

Added value: In one place you can taste best Czech wines. The collection is a showcase of the Czech winemaking and if you have only 1 day to taste Czech wines this is the right place where you can taste wines from the whole country awarded as the best wines. The scale of tasting programs. Free degustation programs when you are provided with glass and you can taste wines on your own and read about them in a provided brochure or on information boards or you can dowload information in English to your cell phone through QR code. Free WiFi.

The Winery of the Year

mikulov and vineyards

Mikulov town and vineyards

The winners of the 8th annual prestigious competition of The Winery of the Year are selected by professionals from The Association of Wineries, The National Wine Centre, and the Wine Fund. Jury members take into measure besides the quality of the produced wines, the general contribution of the winery to the development and modernization of the Czech viticulture. The nominated wineries were divided into 3 categories based on the amount of produced wine per year.





Winner in the category of Big Wineries (production of wine exceeds 250 000 l per year) is the Chateau Valtice Winery. Visitors can taste their excellents wines in very interesting premises of two cellars systems, both found in Valtice town. One is located in the Chateau Valtice underground cellars and the other most famous for its shape of Cross, in Valtice town underground. This Croos-shaped cellar  constitutes today the centre of the winery. Its capacity excess of 1 000 000 litres of wine  in oak barrels and also in stain steel tanks is ranked among the biggest cellar system found in the Czech Republic. There is also an archive with 50 000 vintage wines of the winery’s production.

wine grapes

Wine grapes

Winner in the category of Medium Wineries (production 50 000 – 250 000 l per year) is Trpělka & Oulehla Winery. This winery is located in Nové Bránice village only 30 min driving from Brno and about 1 km from Dolní Kounice town known for Rosa Coeli monastery ruins.

Rosa Coeli

Rosa Coeli

Winner in the category of Small Wineries (production below 50 000 l per year) and at the same place the Absolut Champion of the competition is the Winery Stávek in Němčičky. It is a small family winery which is specializing on Fortified wines when using moden winemaking technologies which are also used in the production of port wines. There are only few wineries in the Czech Republic holding a permit to produce these type of wines.


Stavek winery

Basic facts about viticulture in the Czech Republic

– Viticulture came to the region probably with Celts and Roman soldiers but fully developed in the medieval times during ruling of Charles IV (14th century).

– The Czech Republic has 2 wine regions Moravia and Bohemia and these regions are further dividied into 6 sub-regions. There are 384 wine municipalities and 17 678 ha in 1278 vineyard sites, which almost 18 000 growers manage.

– 96% of vineyards are lie in Moravia.

– 69% of the total area of vineyards is planted with white varieties

– the most common wine varieties are Gruner Veltliner, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Saint Lauren, Muller Thurgau, Welschriesling, Pinot Gris and Blaufrankisch

– the classification of Czech wines is based especially on ripeness of grapes determined by measuring the sugar content on grape juice at the time of harvest

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  • ozdemir aydin says:

    Hello ,
    I plan a trip to Bratislava next week 25 April-2 MAyand want to visit Brno for a day. When is the wine festival? is there any one day tour ? Should I stay over night?

    Will wait your respond!

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