The year of the Baroque in Moravia

4 of 8 UNESCO sights reached within a day from Brno are of Baroque origin.

The national tourist board Czechtourism has proclaimed the Baroque to be the central theme of tourism in the year of 2017.  I must confess that the Baroque period was not of my favourite.

I often found it very ostentatiously ornamented and some could think even kitschy. I think it was mostly caused by the fact they I have not dedicated much attention to this period. But when I started to discover the legacy of the Baroque era in the view of tourism I was surprised of how big impact the Baroque has had on nowaday appearance of every city, town, village and the landscape.

So what Baroque is about?


It is Christmas time!

Christmas time or the so called Advent refers to the period which commences on the 4th Sunday before the Christmas Eve. It is a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas. This period which tradition harking back to the 5th century includes religious practices such as keeping Advent calendar, lighting an Advent wreath, praying an Advent daily devotionals, lighting Christingles and setting up Christmas decorations. While in the past it was the period of fasting, todays many cities turn their squares into Christmas markets with stalls full of traditional festive meals, beverages, and where craftsmen display and sell their craft products. It is time when people meet with their family and friends under the Christmas Tree and together soak up the Christmas atmosphere.

Brno is not an exception and has prepared for its citizens and tourists Brno Christmas, spreading on the four squares this year for the first time. Let’s take a brief tour of Brno Christmas.


Brno Theatre Night

Brno Theatre Night

Since 2013 the Czech Republic participates in European Theatre Night, a project originated in Croatia. Each year on third Saturday of the November theatres open their doors to the public. The main goal of this event is to introduce and elucidate a theatre culture to the wide public  via unconventional program. Public has an unique opportunity through diverse performances for children and adults, author readings, workshops and seminars, concerts, film screenings and tours to acquaint how theatres operate.

Brno, which has a long tradition in theatre, has joined this project and we have a chance to choose from variety of programs and get to know Brno theatres. (more…)

Brno Day Trips

Getting started!

The very first trip, organized by Brno Day Trips, was for 2 journalists from Romania- Bogdan and Adina from eCoolTour-Oameni, Fapte, Idei . These two very kind persons travel around the world and write traveller blogs and tourist guide books for Romanian tourism market and this time they decided to explore Moravia. Before their arrival they had made very deep research of the area and had sent detailed request of which we selected most interesting places. Their main focus was on chateaux and castles. To be honest some castles I had not visited until with them so I was very excited to take part in their journey.